Self-Portrayal of SMall-Giessen.


We are a group of women and men with sado-masochistic leanings (SM, Bondage, Fetish) aged 19 to 50, most of us aged 27 to 33. Although Graduates and Academics form the bulk of our group, our conversations and discussions are not highly philosophical, but practical and enjoyable.
We are open to (nearly) every topic and warmly welcome outside visitors. 33% of our group are women and if needed, a woman to talk to can surely be found.


We want to encourage people to stand by their sexual leanings and to live their fantasies. It is our idea to exchange experiences about S/M with like-minded people - like you. We think that this requires humour, tolerance and honest discretion towards the other guests.
We meet every second and fourth Thursday of a month in a separate backroom of a pub in Giessen. For each of these meetings, a topic is set beforehand, and all guests exchange views, experiences or even criticism on this topic. Moreover, we offer a meeting free of topic and discussions, a simple come-together for a glass of beer, a meal and a nice chat - every third Friday of a month. Furthermore, we announce S/M + Fetish Parties, Workshops and lectures.


We are no organisation with members and fees. Everyone is welcome, can go, whenever he/she feels like it, and we are always looking forward to seeing some new people around.
We are no self-help group as we do not think we need to be helped by anyone.
We do not arrange any sort of partnership - of course two people can find each other in this group, although it is never our aim to arrange play-partnerships.
There are no sexual contacts on our meetings.


We are strictly against any needless violence and oppression outside of the 'game' or 'scene' - which means outside of the boundaries that both partners agreed on beforehand.


If this caught your interest and you wish to meet like-minded people, do not hesitate to write us at

translated by Sabine